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Share your experience! Poster Café – Open Space

Fair Trade experience

Why to fill out this form?

We will share the keys to success of some towns good practices and experiences on Fair Trade promotion at the cafeteria/open space. We will need to know previously the experiences to share, and that is why we have designed the form you’ll find next, so that all the good practices are structured in the same way and provide the same information. We can exhibit a maximum of 8 experiences, so if we receive more, a selection process will be held and the criteria will be timely shared with all the participants. Anyway, all the good practices and experiences received will be uploaded to the website and shared along with the Conference conclusions.

How to present the experiences?

The experiences presentation at the Conference will be brief and the exhibit will follow the poster format. That’s why we need to gather the key information, the most relevant issues that in your opinion granted the experience success.

If your experience is selected for the Conference exhibit, you will have to get the poster ready. It must have a very graphic design so it really stands out and grab the attention of all participants, getting them to want to know your experience better. The poster technical requirements will be announced timely.

At the Conference you will count with 4 minutes to present your experience and 15 minutes at the Experiences Fair. This Fair is meant for you to broaden the information about the experience to the interested participants, who will be able to reach you at your stand. As you can see, we will have very limited time so it’s important to be clear and concise.

For the presentation you can bring all the visual resources you find useful to catch the attention on your experience. If you need some additional resources from our side, we will try our best to provide them. This information will be asked once your experience is selected for the Conference.

Complete your form (pdf)

Complete your form