The 12th International Fair Trade Towns Conference -to be held in Madrid on October 19 till 21- is a space thought for knowledge and experiences exchange between public, social and business entities taking part in the International Fair Trade Towns Campaign. Lots of people from 100 towns across the world will be participating in this conference. Book the date! Free Registration!

Fair Trade Towns International:

A City for the Just Commerce is a model of locality that brings the products of Just Commerce over to the citizenship across the administrations, commerce, companies and the associative textile. In Spain there are more than 40 localities that take part already.

The campaign Cities For the Just Commerce is a world movement in thirty countries. Almost 2000 Cities for the Just Commerce in the whole world take the title, between them London, Brussels, Rome, Saarbrücken, San Francisco and Copenahgue, Cordova, Madrid …

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