About the Conference

The International Fair Trade Towns conferences are the annual events gathering the enthusiasts of Fair Trade, activists, volunteers- grass root campaigners, local authorities representatives who take part in the Fair Trade Towns campaign in their communities. Since declaration of Garstang UK, the first FTT in 2001, the campaign has spread all around the world. On the beginning of  May 2018, there are 2053 Fair Tarde Towns in 34 countries on six continents.

Fair Trade network is a powerful social transformation tool which helps to fight the difficulties faced by small scale producers, providing an ethical and solidary way to the market. From Social Movements, we understand that to raise social awareness about these issues and to get the citizens, business managers and public entities commitment, we must not only sell products, but also promote and keep on going campaigns as Fair Trade Towns.

More than 2000 cities from all continents will take part of this campaign. We have a date in Madrid on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October 2018 to promote Fair Trade on a local and international scale. Now it’s your turn to get involved!

  • Friday, October 19 – Opening. Venue: Cineteca Madrid (Plaza de Legazpi, 8 – 28045 – Madrid)
  • Saturday, October 20 – Workshops and plenary sessions. Venue: Centro Cultural Lope de Vega (Calle Concejo de Teverga, 1 – 28053 – Madrid)
  • Sunday, October 21 – Workshops and plenary sessions. Venue: Centro Cultural Lope de Vega (Calle Concejo de Teverga, 1 – 28053 – Madrid)

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Viernes 19 de octubre

Sábado y Domingo, 20 y 21 de octubre

Addressed to:

Fair trade organisations, local authorities, education community members, companies and volunteers from social movements, and social and solidarity-based economy organisations.


To strengthen the work of the cities under the Fair trade Towns Program, encouraging the campaign and the commitment of local authorities to the Fair trade as a cooperation and sustainable development tool. To create synergies between the cities taking part, the Fair trade and other social movements, as the social and solidarity-based economy, in order to build common strategies towards a sustainable production and consumption model, respectful with the environment as well as with Human Rights.


 The conference will be strongly participative. It will count with a facilitators team to encourage all participants to speak up, and gather proposals and conclusions from the work teams.
It will count with plenary sessions attended by various experts who will share their innovative experiences and who will analyze in depth the criteria and proposals for the Fair trade promotion. It is also expected to hold workshops to go thoroughly on the proposed matters, counting on the full involvement of all the participants to generate a critical and rich debate.


To make of this 12th Conference an enjoyable and participative meeting, we will count with an expert facilitators team to ensure communication processes where all the voices and ideas can be heard, and therefore, to take the Conference and the whole Fair trade Towns Campaign to its best.