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Taiwan becomes the first Fair Trade City in Chinese-speaking regions

The year of 2017 could be said as the “Fair year” for Taiwan. On December twelfth, Taiwan’s National Fair trade Town Steering Committee has officially certified City of Taipei as Fairt rade City paving the way for this pacific Island to be the first place having Fair trade City in the Chinese-Speaking regions.

Adopting the “big tent” approach, local committee has set up five criteria for Fair Trade Town in Taiwan back to 2015. After that, Taipei City has started promotional campaign covering a series of relevant activities that encourage people to understand the importance of Fair Trade. In addition, local committee has successfully brought numbers of cooperation and schools to use and serve fair trade products. Also, more than hundreds of retail and catering outlets across the city are now providing fair trade products. Step by step, the city has ambition to estabilshe itself as a regional fair trade capital.

By this April, Taiwan’s president Tsai Ying-Wen even meet up with Mr. Dario Soto Abril, global CEO of Fair trade International, and declares her support for Fair Trade. Finally, on this June, Taipei City Council passed the resolution which asks Taipei City Government to promote Fair Trade within the city. City of Taipei has thus fulfilled five criteria for Fair Trade City in Taiwan.

Taipei City’s being awarding is a momentous progress for Taiwan Fair trade Campaign. With population of 2.8 million, Taipei is one the largest Fair trade Town around the world. Residents of City of Taipei anticipate their achievement would encourage nearby places, on and beyond the island, to join the Fair trade Family! Togetherly, it is everyone’s responsibility to build up a fair and sustainable society.

More info: http://www.fairtradetowns.org